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Career after graduating
 영문-행정학과 INTRODUCTION Career after graduating
​Gareer after graduating
Government agencies include administrative agencies, the National Assembly Secretariat, the courts, and the National Prosecutors' Office's election management committee, and police stations. In addition, the careers of those who graduated from the Department of Public Administration, including businesses, financial institutions, public corporations, media organizations, and university institutions, are in all areas of society.
In other words, due to the nature of administration, it is necessary for the organization to have graduates from administrative departments, and it is the administration that is indispensable for all organizations.

In the field of work where social advancement is advantageous, he/she wants to graduate from the administrative department in important areas such as personnel management, general affairs, and budget.

Graduates of the Department of Public Administration work as public officials in central and local governments through public service examinations such as administrative exams, and enter various fields such as domestic and foreign financial institutions, media institutions, graduate schools, and other private projects.
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